Breyer Model Horses (non-Arabian)

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Traditional Models

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Cupid & Arrow



#1235 Tex

American Quarter Horse



Justin Morgan Had a Horse

Book Set



Flash USPC

50th Anniversary Horse









2006 Goffert 369


New Sculpture




Kennebec Count

Morgan Stallion



Bluebell - Clydesdale Foal



Buttercup - Appaloosa Foal


#1178 - Footloose

Running Foal

$15.00 - in stock



1265  - Let's Go Riding Collectible Gift Set


1268 - Chubasco & Caravelle

2006 Limited Edition  



1281 -   Jingles of Pegasus

Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

2006 Breyer Benefit Limited Edition



1263 - Pony Family Gift Set





Flicka and Dreamer


#1269 - Flicka w/movie poster



4125 - Dreamer Scrapbook and Activity Set
Combining Horses and Scrapbooking!


1240 - Sonador
Inspired by the movie Dreamer


750266 - Sonador and Dakota Fanning as Cale,

Classics Gift Set





Tally Ho - Porcelain Sculpture




Classic Models



#9103 Classics Three-Horse Set

This beautifully detailed three-horse set represents the three original international championship disciplines of jumping, eventing and dressage.

Jumpers must be powerful enough to soar over huge fences, obedient enough to shorten or lengthen their strides to arrive at an optimum take-off point, agile enough to execute sharp turns and fast to shave time, especially in the jump-off. This sleek grey Thoroughbred gelding epitomizes the qualities of a World Equestrian Games jumper. In Dressage, horses must be superbly balanced, supple and powerfully muscled to execute the movements of grand prix dressage which include pirouettes in place at the canter, the extremely collected trot movements of piaffe and passage, and the bold extensions at the trot and canter. This handsome chestnut Hanoverian gelding portrays the qualities of a World Equestrian Games dressage horse. Event horses perform three phases of equestrian sport. They do a Dressage test, a cross-country phase, and a stadium jumping phase with roots going back to the days when the military relied on cavalry horses and tested them in all three phases. These horses must be supple and obedient enough to perform a Dressage test, bold, fit and fast enough to master a cross country course with solid and imposing obstacles, and then athletic enough to clear a stadium jumping course. With her lean musculature and long stride, this lovely bay Thoroughbred-cross mare represents this exciting World Equestrian Game discipline.

$44.99 for the set and FREE Shipping

#9104 2010 Games Stablemates Assortment

These authentically sculpted Stablemates® horses represent, in miniature (1:32 scale), the eight disciplines of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™. Set of 8 pieces includes Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Reining, Endurance, Driving, Vaulting and Para Dressage.

Since its start in 1990, the World Equestrian Games has become the largest and most prestigious horse competition, rivaling the Olympics in importance to the equestrian world. Breyer joins the 2010 Games in celebrating the courage, athleticism and beauty of the horse at its pinnacle of achievement and is honored to be the Official Model Horse Maker. In these special, highly collectible keepsake models, Breyer captures the spirit, grace and power of the horses of the World Equestrian Games.

$4.00 ea.



Fun Foals Gift Set



Pinto Sport Horse


00653.jpg (6842 bytes)


Pinto Sport Horse



Mustang -

Blue Road Appy




American Quarter Horse


Quarter Horse

00657.jpg (7538 bytes) 



 Golden Chestnut





Classics Stable Feeding  Gift Set



Classics Grooming Kit Gift Set



 61011 - English Riding Gift Set




Arabian Mare & Foal

Red Roan & Dark Bay



Pinto Mare & Foal

Blood Bay Overo and Black Overo



Appaloosa Mare & Foal





Mini Whinnies


Mini Whinnies are fun-sized mirco-mini horses measuring approximately one inch high. Each set of six comes in a star-shaped travel pack!

#300114 Mini Whinnies Appaloosas


#300115  Mini Whinnies Pintos


#300116 Mini Whinnies Dapples






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